White Scirocco Highline Clocks Speedo

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White Scirocco Highline Clocks Speedo

It will fit in any Scirocco 2010-2016 with midline cluster fitted

Can be retrofitted to Golf MK5 2006up, Scirocco 2008-2009 with additional adapter loom which you can find HERE

Your car must be fitted either with stalk with trip computer buttons or multi function steering wheel. You wont be able to control without one of them.

Mileage will be transferred over from you current clocks.


After buying this product NOTHING WILL BE POSTED TO YOU, so you will have to come to our workshop for fitting and coding of White Scirocco Highline Clocks Speedo and it will take about 1h


Fitting in our workshop in Redditch is free.

Please visit our Facebook page for some examples.


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