Golf MK8 Folding Mirrors Retrofit

£950.00 (excluding VAT)

Brand New Genuine OEM kit


Golf MK8 Folding Mirrors Retrofit
Brand new, genuine OEM set of power folding mirrors for VW Golf MK8:
2 x mirrors
1 x switch
Car must have electric mirrors fitted from factory. Door modules must be highline in order to make it work.
Example of door modules:
5Q0959593x / 5Q059592x are suitable, 5Q0959393x / 5Q059392x need to be replaced
If you have a lower version, we can replace it with highline at extra cost.
Door module version can be read by diagnostic tool or by reading numbers on it (need to remove door panel for).
All parts, fitting and coding is included.

Please note – this product is for order ONLY and it takes 1-3 weeks to receive parts,
Installation takes 3-4h so you will have to leave your car with us for time being.
After buying this product NOTHING WILL BE POSTED TO YOU and you will have to come to our workshop.
You can see some examples of them coded on our Facebook page.