Golf MK7 Virtual Cockpit Retrofit

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Golf MK7 Virtual Cockpit Retrofit
It will fit in any petrol or diesel VW Golf MK7 or 7.5.
We can transfer any mileage on request.
Surround trim in Piano Black is also included in price.
After buying this product NOTHING WILL BE POSTED TO YOU.
You will have to come to our workshop for fitting and coding Golf MK7 Virtual Cockpit and it will take up to 4h.
All your existing keys have to be present at coding time. The keys not present at the time of coding won’t be working anymore.

Now we can offer this upgrade via postage. For that we need your current clocks and 1 key. It will be plug and play once you receive it. You can also drop it off in our workshop and pick up later durimg the day.

Fitting in our workshop in Redditch is free.
Please visit our Facebook page for some examples.

Condition: Used