Dome to Flat Radar Upgrade

£520.00 (excluding VAT)

ADAS Calibration Service


Dome to Flat Radar Upgrade

In 2013 VW fitted dome / ball shape radars in Golfs. Unfortunately due to the design of those radars they develop internal fault over the age and cannot be fixed. Also because of the value, they ofter being stollen from the cars. Brand new radar from main dealers cost almost £2000 on its own. Thanks to our latest developments we can now upgrade it with new, flat type radar at the fraction of the costs.

Price include radar holder, flat type ACC radar, fitting, Component Protection Removal, coding to the car spec and ADAS calibration with printed results. After this retrofit, it will work as if factory fitted. No faults in the system or on dash.

NOTE – before purchasing, please email us with your vehicle VIN number to confirm compatibility.

Before you come to us for this service, please make sure you vehicle is empty. No tools, baggage or any other unnecessary weight in vehicle. Car also should have over 3/4 of the fuel tank before before procedure. If your car has been involved in accident or has been lowered please make sure you have wheel alignment done correctly. If the car is lowered, please make sure there is enough gap (min. 2cm) between wheel arch and wheel for clamps. Otherwise we won’t be able to calibrate it.

You will have to come to our workshop for Dome to Flat Radar Upgrade and it may take 2h.

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