Skoda Karoq Virtual Cockpit Retrofit

£600.00 (excluding VAT)



Skoda Karoq Virtual Cockpit Retrofit
It will fit in any VW Tiguan petrol or diesel.
Mileage will be transferred over from you current clocks on coding time.
Please make sure you bring all keys for the car for this booking. Otherwise your other keys will stop working until they’re coded back to the car. We will not be responsible for any costs incurred if you choose not to have all of your keys adapted by us during your booking.

Price include cockpit, fitting and coding. Surround trim you can source yourself to save money or we can supply at additional costs. Please email us to discuss. There are 2 types of immobilisers so please emil us with your VIN number to check.

Fitting of Skoda Karoq Virtual Cockpit in our workshop in Redditch is free and it takes up to 4h on cars up to 06/2019 build date. If your car is newer than coding takes up to 2-48h due to the immobiliser type.
Please visit our Facebook page for some examples.