Helix Subwoofer Wheel Mounted kit

£640.00 (excluding VAT)

Genuine OEM Kit

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Helix Subwoofer Wheel Mounted kit

The system consists of a 5-Channel class A/B amplifier with a integrated digital sound processor
and a total output of 300W sine /480watts Music along with a powerful subwoofer.in addition
to musical enjoyment at the highest level, the system sports an impressive range of driver-specific
sound setups which optimally match the vehicle’s configuration. the system utilises the vehicle
existing speakers and is installed in the vehicles spare wheel well.

For compatibility list please see pictures.

Not suitable for vehicle with the Dynaudio setup.

The Golf R, due to the rear differential would require the spare wheel to be removed.
With models such as the GTI or GTD,  can sit on top of the spare wheel, meaning the spare wheel can stay.

Please note – Helix Subwoofer Wheel Mounted kit is for order only and it takes 2-20 working days to get it.

Price including fitting in our workshop

You can see some examples of them fitted on our Facebook page


Condition: Brand New