Golf MK7 Rear Camera Kit Low – Genuine OEM

£360.00 (includes VAT at 20%)

Genuine OEM RVC Kit

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Golf MK7 Rear Camera Kit Low

It will work and fit in Golf MK7 and MK7.5 with or without parking sensors

Genuine OEM kit with all parts needed

Not compatible with Composition Media with following part numbers:

  • 5G0035820 – all revisions
  • 5G0035819 – all revisions
  • 5G0035812 – all revisions

You can check your radio part number by pressing and holding MENU button. You will see Software Update / Version. Go there and you will see part number.


After buying this product NOTHING WILL BE POSTED TO YOU, so you will have to come to our workshop for fitting and coding of Golf MK7 Rear Camera and it will take about 1h


Price including fitting in our workshop

You can see some examples of them fitted on our Facebook page


Condition: Brand New