Golf MK7 Lane Assist Retrofit

£900.00 (excluding VAT)

Genuine OEM


Golf MK7 Lane Assist Retrofit

This is retrofit kit for windscreen fitted front assistant camera. It will allow you to have Lane Assist, Traffic Sign Recognition and High Beam Assist. Lane Assist will keep you in lane, when it sees visible lanes on the road ahead. Traffic Sign Recognition will display current speed limits read from road signs on front of you. High Beam Assist will keep your high beam ON all the time until it recognise cars on front of you or heading towards you. Car must have navigation system fitted and also ACC fitted for this upgrade. If you don’t have it, please look HERE for prices. Works in cars with standard, analogue clocks and with virtual cockpit as well.

Please see pictures for some examples. Display may vary on different car models and instrument clusters.

It can be retrofitted in cars Golf Mk7 / 7.5.

Please contact us before ordering Golf MK7 Lane Assist Retrofit to check your car compatibility and booking time. Windscreen replacement is required and we supply genuine OEM windscreen. If you wish to fit windscreen yourself, please contact us do discuss needs. Price will be adjusted accordingly in this case.

Please note: parts for this upgrade are for order only and it may take time to get it. Once ordered we cannot return it so its not refundable. Price is for non-heated windscreen. If you have heated windscreen please contact us for prices as it is more expensive.

Fitting in our workshop in Redditch.

Please visit our Facebook page for some examples.