ACC to pACC Upgrade Service

£170.00 (excluding VAT)


ACC to pACC Upgrade Service.

PACC uses your vehicle’s lane assist camera combined with navigation data to adjust your vehicle’s speed accordingly when it sees junctions, roundabouts and corners ahead of you. It also reads speed signs to set your cruise control to the speed limit without driver intervention. Where it cannot see signs for an extended time, it uses your navigation data. This will allow you to use your ACC as Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control.

It will work in 2017up cars like Golf Mk7.5, Tiguan, Passat B8, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia with Lane Assist Camera fitted on the windscreen. If you don’t have camera on your windscreen we can also retrofit that. Please see HERE.

It is also possible to retrofit it in older MQB cars, but radar need to be replaced at additions costs.

Please contact us before ordering ACC to pACC Upgrade Service to check your car compatibility. Price listed above is for coding ONLY, no other parts or wiring included.


Fitting in our workshop in Redditch.

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